Marshall Homes

Green Initiatives

Most of us would be shocked to know Canada leaves the third largest ecological footprint on the world. Yet, Canada has also played a lead role in building science and is positioned to be an example to the world of housing that reduces carbon emissions throughout the world. Marshall Homes Green Initiatives are part of the beginning of new paradigms for green development. These are a few of our stories.


We have all the energy we need to heat, cool and hot water our homes beaming in from the sun and sequestered in the ground, and it’s all free. We just had to find an economical way of capturing it. This led to Ontario’s first production sub-division home that's heated, cooled, and hot watered by a Solar Geothermal system.


Growth Rings

Our wood products industry has been decimated by competition coming from outside the province and as a result of softwood lumber tariffs south of the border. So I think it's time builders and consumers in Ontario take a conscious effort to support this industry by building homes using most if not all of their wood from Ontario suppliers. It not only makes good economic sense, it makes great ecological sense as well.


Our LEED Home

When the chance to join the Canada Green Building Council's LEED for Homes Pilot Project appeared we couldn't resist the challenge. We'd already built the first production subdivision home that's heated, cooled, and hot watered by a solar-geothermal system. And we were first to offer solar hot water.

So, why not the first LEED home?