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Decorating Your Living Room 2015

Furnished living Room in Luxury Home with Roaring Fireplace

As the year wears on and the outdoors seem less tempting than it did only weeks earlier, you may be inclined to start looking to your home’s interior in search of the aesthetic pleasure you crave. While there are as many options as there are rooms in your home, you might want to begin with one that will require the least amount of plumbing and furniture movement. Your living room is, in many ways, the heart of your home and the relative ease by which it can be transformed makes it a great candidate for redecorating. Here are some design tips that can help you do just that.

Brighten it Up

Recently a trend has emerged where brighter is clearly better. Bold reds, yellows, pinks, and greens can create a lively air for your living room regardless of the time of year. Bright colours work both as a wall or furniture colour and, for those less inclined to a full makeover, as accents to more neutral walls and fabrics. A bright red pillow or a verdant green set of drapes can set a room off when contrasted against a white or cream sofa.

Rustic Chic

Bringing the old country home to your new city home remains popular. Distressed furniture and wood accents along with cast-iron and antique lamps and plant stands can add the feel of a simpler time in a modern world. Go with thick rugs on hardwood floors and don’t be afraid to keep that wood its natural colour – the better option to make you feel at home.

Sleek and Smooth

Retro-modern sixties style with a modern edge is growing in popularity. Modern furniture is making a comeback and square couches and egg shaped chairs may be finding their way to your living room if you’re one who appreciates the smooth sophistication of that stylish era. Of course, sleek doesn’t mean sterile and adding comforts like big throw pillows and natural elements like stone and wood can easily create a beautiful blend for your living room.

As always, it’s best to listen to your own inner designer – your home should be all about you – but a few great ideas are always a good place to start.   If you’re looking to redesign a living room in a new house, perhaps a completely new home, you should register for updates. We’ll send you all the information you need based on your preferences on house type, size, and price range.

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